The story of RaptorCow goes back more than 20 years…

One day my dad, Lew, stumbled upon his two young children sitting on the floor together, drawing pictures of animals.  “What are you doing?” Dad asked me, the older of the two, only 7 years old at the time.  I told him we were drawing ourselves as animals and Alicia, my younger sister, proudly held up some pictures.  With a stroke of genius (or so he thought) my dad decided it would be great to have us draw pictures of my mom, Lesa, as a gift.  Surely she would be proud of him for taking care of the kids AND thinking of her at the same time.

When she arrived home that evening, my sister and I greeted her happily as usual.  My dad, bursting with pride and barely able to contain himself, eagerly told us to get our presents for our mother.  “Babe, I had the kids make you a present today, you’re going to love it!”…..Oh would she.

I presented my drawing first - a detailed illustration of a blood covered velociraptor, with the simple caption “To the Rapter-ing Mother”.  Dad’s face was wide-eyed with his mouth open and was only overshadowed by the surprise and concern from my mom.  My dad asked me why I would draw THAT as a representation of my mother.  I confidently responded to my mom, “Because you’re the toughest and scariest mom and no one can mess with you!”

My mom was in shock….obviously my dad’s plan had gone south and he was crashing quickly.  Before he had a chance to save the sinking ship, Alicia, the baby of the family, hopped up and proudly displayed her picture – a very elegantly drawn…COW.  There was an equally astonished and amazed stare from the two adults, but before either of them could process their emotions, Alicia exclaimed, “It’s a cow momma!  You’re a cow ‘cause cows are happy!”

And so RaptorCow was born.

Ted Edwards

CEO / Founder


The actual drawings!  Yes, I spelled Raptor wrong but hey, I was like 7 so give me a break, haha!